Action Games HAY NHẤT

Action Games MIỄN PHí

Free Fire

Each game will have a maximum of 30 participants in the form of solo, your task is to find a way to survive on the island last. Players will have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the struggle to survive, each game lasts range 12-15 minutes with very fast pace. Free Fire by the map is not too large, safe time recording area very short forcing the player to extremely agile, assertive new hope to eventually survive. Specifically, the update “Racetracks Death” new Free Fire brought a unique experience for the genre of survival. Allow 40 people divided into 20 teams participated in the race fierce. Each team will sit on a car, a helmsman and a gun and kill the enemy.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

The magic square block game Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android to IOS, referred to as Minecraft for Android to IOS, has just launched the new version. Minecraft 1.12 added new feature to change the experience of exploring the world of Minecraft, and add more players on the server platform. Do not bring horrible 3D graphics as the game action or tactic today. But still charismatic Minecraft players by completely different gameplay.

Minecraft 397


ROBLOX for Android can be viewed as a large playground for gamers to swim jewellery deals. Join this community, you can design a new game, the game itself and of others, at the same time to chat and connect with all the game programming from everywhere without limitations. ROBLOX is an online gaming world where you can spend the whole day to develop game ideas into reality, similar activities as the World Games LEGO Worlds. Basically, ROBLOX owned giant game collection with the game simple, gentle, moderate graphics and focused for the main players are children and adolescents.