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Driver 2

Driver 2 is driving simulation game cars with real legs, help players master the basic driving skills in all traffic conditions, terrain and weather. Click the download button above, players can download Driver 2. Game city car driving simulation smart traffic conditions and lifelike. You can see full of unexpected situations such as pedestrian crossing the road suddenly, traffic accident … So, the adventure on the car will not only relaxing soothing moments that sometimes push you to the severe situation, the tension as the way that you used to join real-life traffic. Not only have the human element, changing weather conditions also make the new challenges.


Free Fire

Each game will have a maximum of 30 participants in the form of solo, your task is to find a way to survive on the island last. Players will have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the struggle to survive, each game lasts range 12-15 minutes with very fast pace. Free Fire by the map is not too large, safe time recording area very short forcing the player to extremely agile, assertive new hope to eventually survive. Specifically, the update “Racetracks Death” new Free Fire brought a unique experience for the genre of survival. Allow 40 people divided into 20 teams participated in the race fierce. Each team will sit on a car, a helmsman and a gun and kill the enemy.


Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas game Tuesday shooter compelling and fascinating from Gameloft, a name created shooter Six-Guns magnificent, Blitz Brigade and especially the Modern Combat series. This hot summer even hotter with the new features in the new version of the game on Android Gangstar Vegas. To experience something new now only available in the latest version are light.

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My Talking Tom Games

Tom the cat will keep our virtual to any full versions for mobile, now with My version of Talking Tom for your phone you will be able to take care of them even are working. Entertaining moments along the Tom cats will make you feel comfortable after hours of tension, with the cats, chatting together, personal hygiene to choose the dress wear we will feel like taking care of a cat really. The game is a typical simulation game is pulling a lot of girlfriends next to farm game. Please download the game My Talking Tom for Mobile to carry the Tom cat cute me wherever you are.

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Subway Surfers Games

Subway Surfers is the action game style endless runner where you will have to run very fast slalom, help her he playfully Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape Inspector grumpy and his own dog, and collect items as much as possible along the way to strengthen and enrich himself.

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Need For Speed

You can resist the shiny Porsche in the racing game Need for Speed ​​ProStreet Porsche special version of it? The feeling behind the wheel of this car will certainly be very great. What are you waiting anymore without testing it right away?

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Clash Royale

For Gamers love the products on mobile devices probably are not too familiar with the name Supercell – father of series titles cult like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, or recently Clash least Royale. The success of these products has turned into its Supercell mobile gaming income “terrorist” in the past year.

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Minecraft Games

Minecraft Pocket Edition game titles and famous cult on the PC can be said of the game’s hot this Minecraft not inferior to what the mobile game League of Legends all. Not only in Vietnam that gamers around the world are also hot for this game. Minecraft Pocket Edition now officially aired on the platform for a phone with Android and IOS for purely or a Mod.

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GTA 5 Games

After a long wait, finally mobile gamers are also touching blockbuster GTA 5. In comeback, in addition to significant upgrade in terms of game graphics mode adds Director Mode, allows you to control everything in the game to create a real movie. Highlight GTA Online first day activities are also relatively perfect experience with our through the Internet family, the game did not jerk lag or have problems with transmission lines annoying during play.

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