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After a long wait, finally mobile gamers are also touching blockbuster GTA 5. In comeback, in addition to significant upgrade in terms of game graphics mode adds Director Mode, allows you to control everything in the game to create a real movie. Highlight GTA Online first day activities are also relatively perfect experience with our through the Internet family, the game did not jerk lag or have problems with transmission lines annoying during play.

gta 5 games

You will start with Franklin Clinton character – a young man of color, no education, no qualifications. He did all he could to earn money to spend as theft, illegal work under the guidance of a gangsters. In one implementation of car theft, Franklin met Michael and follow him. Next character you meet is Michael de Santa, a notorious bank robber in the past and now “hung for hand washing,” to try to become a husband and father in the family pattern. Inside looks rich and elegant.

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GTA 5 Games Features

  • Glides on the touch panel will change weapons or switch channels when the car radio.
  • Los Santos street will appear much more livestock species.
  • Players can design tasks required to use the first-person perspective.
  • Along with a lot of changes in weapons, scenery graphics, vehicle systems in the game GTA 5.

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When it comes to the GTA series can not not mention the traffic system. The ability to upgrade and driver in GTA 5 par even new classic racing game Need for Speed. In GTA 5, you can mount the booster chamber, instead of steam or discolored paint, replacement hood for vehicles … The most prestigious car manufacturers will also appear in the game making the players happy.



Happy people have a real fun game evenings.

GTA 5 Games
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