Free Fire

Each game will have a maximum of 30 participants in the form of solo, your task is to find a way to survive on the island last. Players will have 40 seconds to prepare to enter the struggle to survive, each game lasts range 12-15 minutes with very fast pace. Free Fire by the map is not too large, safe time recording area very short forcing the player to extremely agile, assertive new hope to eventually survive. Specifically, the update “Racetracks Death” new Free Fire brought a unique experience for the genre of survival. Allow 40 people divided into 20 teams participated in the race fierce. Each team will sit on a car, a helmsman and a gun and kill the enemy.


They both cannot leave the car and will be lost if the car was shot explosive or passengers are killed. If you’ve had a chance experience Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds you will quickly enter the contest, because everything is quite similar titles hit from a parachute on the plane, landed, and gathering maps, jogging to undercut the competition. Interestingly, you to experience the game with the Vietnamese language. Currently, Free Fire: Battle Royale supports both Android and iOS platforms. The new mode allows 40 people divided into 20 teams Duo join race car shooting.


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Let teammates up the car, collect car upgrade package, upgrade weapons and defences. Can you survive and his comrades in battle too fast too dangerous? The mushrooms scattered on the map gives players the energy to heal over time. There are 3 types of mushrooms, rebounding turn 50-75 – 100 Blood over time. Free Fire system adds “amulet profit” called the upgrade package. Once collected the package upgrades, players will improve weapon, helmet as well as be adding “toys” for your car. The team which has good drivers, just shooting the standard will have a special advantage.



Instead of choosing one character, the player can now choose between 4 characters are Kelly, Olivia, Ford and Andrew. Gold can be used to upgrade and unlock character skills. Furthermore, players will receive a permanent character when logging in to the new version.

Free Fire
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