Endless Run Lost Oz

Endless Run Lost Oz Adventure title is extremely attractive and beautiful, are provided free for Android devices. In essence, the Endless Run Lost Oz in the Temple Run is a new adventure combines version Temple Run 2 and film Oz the Great and Powerful. In the game, players will have the same race tasks Oz escapes the chase of the aggressive Baboon, don’t ever stop when you can run. Is a typical product of the Temple should Run playing in the Endless Run Lost Oz does not have many differences.


You will have to skillfully control the characters avoid the obstacles and unexpected change on the run, collecting coins in order to enhance the area and buy the valuable items, but also do not forget that you are being chased by the monstrous winged monsters are perched very close from behind. Just a little bit wonderful profile as monsters will catch up and catch you at the same time the race will end immediately. Version Endless Run Lost Oz was designed with many changes on the image as well as the level of difficulty of the game. 3D image combined with vivid sound also creates a strong attraction of this game.


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Basically, the Endless Run Lost Oz on the updated image rather than gameplay. Endless Run Lost Oz style fairy and mysterious, with the yellow-tiled, balloons and balloon to be simulated just like in the movie. The player will have to cross the dark forests and even fly along the clouds in a hot air balloon. Have to say, this is a great gift for fans of Oz before the movie officially premieres. In General, the Temple Run by Disney and Imangi Studios production usually set a few unique features.


For example, in version Temple Run: Brave, our main character will transform into a hunter with the name of the play, then hit Cypress in Cypress Temple Run: Oz players will be riding on the balloons, surf through the clouds at this task and only simply tilt the appliance back to collect coins, can say is comfortable and much softer than the activities run and Dodge.

Endless Run Lost Oz
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