Driver 2

Driver 2 is driving simulation game cars with real legs, help players master the basic driving skills in all traffic conditions, terrain and weather. Click the download button above, players can download Driver 2. Game city car driving simulation smart traffic conditions and lifelike. You can see full of unexpected situations such as pedestrian crossing the road suddenly, traffic accident … So, the adventure on the car will not only relaxing soothing moments that sometimes push you to the severe situation, the tension as the way that you used to join real-life traffic. Not only have the human element, changing weather conditions also make the new challenges.


You will have to drive under the rain, fog or snow in the morning fall between late night. All these difficulties will challenge your tenacity and drive. Keep training hard to have experience dealing with objective factors during the cruise! Not only test drive your automotive skills, game Driver 2 for your phone also requires players to adhere to the law on road traffic and hints from the instructor will help you understand traffic laws are applicable in each country. The list of countries will be expanded through the update. In the game Driver 2, players will undergo many different driving exercises, from the basic car control knowledge to highly technical, even the ability to respond when crashes, incidents of failure.


The main features of the game Driver 2

  • Practice driving in the city and experienced professional driver training course.
  • Driving the number of decks or automatically with active principles.
  • Driving training in situations such as traffic accidents, damage to vehicles, disaster …
  • Faced with situations of special traffic force you to violate the law.
    Deal with dangerous situations such as go into reverse lanes, parking stops abruptly, having a car moving you’re unexpected, pedestrians crossing the road, traffic lights were broken.
  • Gameplay based on real physical mechanisms that affect the behaviour of the vehicle on the road and occur collisions can anticipate.
  • Comfortable selection of different vehicles like minivans, minivan, SUV, car, cars for the left margin and the right margin. Each car is possessing full control system and the lights, the sound works fine.



Click the download button above, players can play Driver 2 now!

Driver 2
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