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For Gamers love the products on mobile devices probably are not too familiar with the name Supercell – father of series titles cult like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, or recently Clash least Royale. The success of these products has turned into its Supercell mobile gaming income “terrorist” in the past year.

Clash Royale Games

Unlike COCs, Clash Royale is a role-playing strategy game combined with MOBA and collect tokens. Join the game you will build your own empire by fortifications and invaded the territory and natural resources of other countries. The familiar characters in the game COL also hack game Clash Royale inherited, plus new names quite impressive Princes, Baby Dragons, Knights, … Ready wears armor and build an empire yet powerful institutions?

Clash Royale Free

In Clash Royale for Android iOS, the task of the player is to collect and upgrade many tokens of the army in Clash of Clans, the magic and defense forces that you’ve known and loved to play CoC. There are also character classes such Royale royal princess, knight, dragon, and many other familiar names. The objective of the battle tactics cards minister in Clash Royale is to kill the king and princess of enemy, destroy the tower and building bases to win the Gold Cup, the crown and more importantly to be honored on Clash Royale monumental arena.

Clash Royale allows download and play for free but contains a number of items that require players to purchase with real money. If not interested in this feature, you can disable the IAP in the setup package.



Happy people have a real fun game evenings.

Clash Royale
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